Before I start posting my blogs, I thought to myself, why do people read blogs???

Good question… and then I also thought, why would anyone want to read what I have to write about… even better question!

So, before I start posting my blogs I thought maybe I should give you the reasons why you should read or at least believe some of what I blog about…

Firstly, let me say as a police office that was… THE. MOST. REAL. CAREER. I have ever had, and I have had some very interesting ones.

But as a police officer you have a the responsibly of the law, (try getting through The Criminal Code Act) and relating the law to real life situations and real people. Very challenging! You simply cannot just go around saying “you are under arrest! “ It’s a bit more involved than that. 

It was in my role of crime prevention officer (more like Ms Congeniality) I was asked to do a weekly written editorial for the local paper, explaining some points of the law for everyday people to understand and to provide information that could help them in some way if the need ever arose.

So I did for quite some time and hopefully some good came of those little editorials.

So that was then….

And NOW I find myself in another career…. Real Estate.

After many years working for different agencies, my partner and I decided we wanted to do real estate our way and so we did.

Now a few more years down the track, it was suggested that I should write /blog about the ins and outs of real estate.

And as the owner of an agency and an ex-cop I thought I can only try, but it has 2 be real.

So once again I am going to write about something that I now know a bit about… this time - real estate. Some helpful information and insights that will hopefully help people understand and have a positive experience if, and when they ever find themselves selling or buying a property.

Not sure what sort of a read it will make…. but I promise that it will be real and come from a good place.