Hi, I’m Mitch

My path into real estate was a bit different than normal, but this gives me a broader sense of what my clients need and I can approach the job in ways other agents don’t even consider. by my early 20’s I ran my own photography business, I was always around real estate agents and learned a trick or two from some very high-status agents I had met while taking photos.

I was doing a job for one of our founders when she just stopped mid-conversation and told me that I’d be too good of an agent to remain behind the camera and insisted that I come work for her. With what I knew about her, that kind of an education was something you couldn’t even buy so I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity of a life

Not long after that Ryan was brought in due to the constant level of persistence he displayed for actual years because he had been after a position to specifically work with the Agents2go  founders because of their reputation in the industry.The training and sales competitions kicked off right away because I wasn’t going to let him best me, but he is driven like a man possessed! 

While we were trying to outperform each other our founders decided to pass the torch of ownership of the firm onto us so they could retire to a tropical beach and really unwind knowing what they’d made was safe in our hands.

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