How To Get The Best Appraisal Value: Selling Your Home In Gympie!

How to Present your Home for Sale: Your Go to Guide by Mitch Allen

De-Clutter & Remove Personal Items:

When presenting you home for sale. De-clutter, remove all personal items like family photos and/or nick-nacks to allow buyer to envision themselves and their life within the home.

Deep Clean:

Ensure the house is thoroughly cleaned. Important to remember the high traffic areas like kitchen / living / dining. These areas are your focal points and are the areas too picky about.

Improve Curb Appeal:

First impressions are everything. Ensure you yard is mowed, if you have gardens a fresh layer of mulch and/or rock really helps bring the overall presentation of the property up.

Minor Repairs & Maintenance:

Minor repairs and maintenance may seem like nothing but it’s the little things that matter. Squeaky doors, Loose handles, blown light bulbs. These little but paramount issues can greatly increase the presentation and overall feel of the home.

Optimize Layout & Design:

Finally, the layout and design of your home. Once your property is on the market the way it is presented is everything. Furniture layout is crucial to making the space/s feel large and open. Ensuring the flow through the property is smooth and not blocked but unnecessary items or furniture.

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