Hi, I’m Ryan Gent

Real Estate + Ryan Gent (RERG = Are-E-Are-Gee)

Welcome to my little personal spot in our online realestate HQ.

We love having our new place to call home within the digital space so thanks for taking the time to come and take a look at what we have put together here for you!

I have tried my best to make sure travelling our digital space is as easy as possible as new tech can be tricky stuff from time to time.

If you get lost – there is a main menu at the top and bottom of each page for general navigation.

gympie real estate appraisal specialist broker ryan gent and bots

Additionally, on each Agent Page, our little friends -the Agents2go-Bots have built-in an Agent-specific menu which you’ll see as THREE, WHITE HORIZONTAL LINES AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE that can be clicked to open the agent-specific topics menu.

They also make some words and phrases around the place into clickable links that will take you to articles or pages they think will be relevant resources as you read!

But, best of all – here we are immune from real-world occurrences! This way, our clients can rest assured as we can continue to help them turn their last page and open a brand new chapter of their lives πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸΎπŸŽŠ

Gympie Realestate with Ryan Gent

From Ryan, the Realestate Broker of Agents2go

Please feel free to reach out if you need any help and, most of all ~ Enjoy!

A Brief About Ryan and his Agents2go-Bots

Why Gympie Real Estate?

Gympie Realestate Broker appraisal specialist

We love living where we work and providing the best & most to our clients wherever possible, from leading the way with cutting-edge tech to providing our Ways2Go plans so everyone can access the best-of-the-best in real estate marketing!

I grew up seeing a lot of realestate industry folk. I saw what impact the good had and the impact the bad had and I have always wanted to be one of the good ones.

As far as “Why Gympie?” goes, that’s easy – I love it here. We are the very Crown of the Sunshine Coast! There’s nowhere I’ve ever been that I’d rather have raised my children and the friends I’ve made here are irreplaceable.

The many awards I’ve won say a lot but, to me, it is the testimonials of my clients that mean the most. Some agents buy pay-to-win awards or game systems to seem better than they are but you just can’t beat good old-fashioned feedback from the people you’ve helped out along the way.

Gympie is a vast treasure trove of everything that people are always saying they’re looking for in life which is why those that leave, tend to be back sooner or later.

What’s Next?

Well, the future is never certain but one thing you can rely on is that with me at the helm and Mitch at my side with his crazy level of energy, enthusiasm and natural talent – Agents2go will continue to go from strength to strength.

We plan to continue to grow the company with our eyes set on the horizon with tackling the rental market and gathering an array of satellite services to complement in doing so.

It has been this symbiotic union of locational convenience that has unveiled what fates are in store for Agents2go and what we will bring the Gympie Region as we move forward, creating a future where, whenever you need to find which Way2go, all you will need to get Ready2go, is call for Agents2go!

We have found great value in having our friends at Carbon Accounting hosting our physical office space as our clients can come into the one building for their accounting, conveyancing and real estate needs.

What are Agents2go-Bots?

Creating the Agents2go-Bot swarm is a happy accident, a passion project and a grand achievement of mine.

They came into existence during the great Agents2go Gympie Realesate cataclysm of 2022 when I had to rapidly learn much about how the internet in many aspects actually worked.

During this time when I was forced to become educated on a great number of things rapidly, I stumbled upon the concept of machine learning and AI, Machine learning, Container Agents, Shell Programming and Prompt Setting and, somehow, put together the first version of the very first Agents2go-Bot.

Since then, we have developed more and more to help us with an ever-growing range of tasks – ultimately giving us the ability to respond quicker, adapt faster, and provide a service beyond what un-augmented agents can.

Let’s talk about turning the page to your next chapter!

I hope you enjoy having the chance to have a sneak peek behind the curtains of sorts and get to know me and the agents on my team.

Let us know if you’ve been thinking about turning the page! The earlier we start planning, the better we can make the beginning of the next chapter!