Breanna Harris

Systems Intergration Specialist

About Breanna

I'm Bre.

It's my versatile background that is going to provide you with the greatest benefit.

If it's in a customer service role, from being the new girl on the team to running the show of my own company, you name it, I've done a version of it! 

I've decided to join the fast-paced world of real estate because, once my daughter started to gain her independence, I thought it would be nice to ease back into the workforce with a part-time job at a supermarket (yep, customer service again - It's's kind of my thing).

I quickly realized that I was not made for the simple side of customer service and that going from a round-the-clock focus on my child to simply scanning and packing was not going to be enough to keep the pace I was used to.

So, I began coming in and learning the new system I had been watching Ryan develop over months. Getting a closer look, the ins and outs of it were incredible. I noticed that, with how quickly it learns and grows, this system was almost taking on a life of its own and I knew, at that moment, that I had found something that could keep pace with the level of attention and care I have grown accustomed to providing.

So, being in customer service my whole working life, requiring the constant attention and care of motherhood requires to keep me occupied, as well as having had the benefit of being around the Agents2go AI systems since their development, and a solid amount of life experience to allow me the ability to relate to our clients on a human-to-human level.

I was right beside Ryan as he went from being nervous about coming from labor industries, unsure if he was making the right choice changing careers mid-pandemic and saw him throw himself into it to rise to the ranks, emerging as one of Gympie's most celebrated real estate agents, who was deemed so good that the legacy of Agents2go was passed under his wing and watched as he learned to developed artificial intelligence systems while he and Mitch outcompete teams ten times the size.

And because I was right there, I heard and learned the whole way along. So, I am the perfect translator between regular people like you and me when the boys are off in their real estate world, far off in the future.

I have taken it as my sworn task to keep them grounded, right where you need them, when you need them, how you need them!