About Ryan

Hi there, we're Mitch and Ryan, the proud second generation of operating owners of the independent real estate agency in Gympie - Agents2go!

The founding members of Agents2go put us through the proverbial ringer while, unknowingly to us, testing us to see if we had what it took to bear the torch of what they created with Agentsgo!

We actually started off as rivals. We knew the chances that two very different guys from very different walks of life that had never worked in sales before starting at the same time was not normal and honestly thought it was a "two shall enter, one shall remain" type situation so we both took up the challenge of trying tout out-sell and outperform each other under the strict watch of the founders of Agents2go, keeping a keen eye out for any sign of either of us faltering, slowing down or  cracking under the weight of the more and more intense training and competition.

We were far too busy trying to win to break though!

Neither of us are sure exactly when it happened but during the struggle to be better than the other, we realised we had learned a deep respect for each other's unique and individual style and methods when approaching the challenges of this industry and the demands laid out learning the master-crafted sales system created by the founding members of Agents2go after a decades of experience that, ultimately, left them with nothing more to achieve in the real estate industry.

When we noticed the respect we had developed for each other as professionals and began working together instead of against each other, that was when we really began making a difference in people's lives, the sum of our vastly different walks in life complemented and brought balance in ways rarely, if ever, achieved professionally and it wasn't long before Ryan's children would run along greeting their uncle Mitch and even Mitch's dogs were responding to Ryan's commands.

When the plan was eventually revealed, that we were the crowning achievement and proof of the Agents2go Master Sales Formula was irrefutable and that we had, in the eyes of those who had brought Agents2go to life, proven ourselves as worthy successors to hold the Agents2go Crown. We were both honored and moved to be held in such high regard. 

None of the many awards and titles we had earned meant nearly as much as that level of faith did!

So, in the first few months after being "handed the torch", we threw ourselves into taking the system and heart of Agents2go and imbuing it with the latest of modern technology available. It was gruelling work, taking countless sleepless nights but, the final result, forging the lessons of old with the vitality of the new, we brought to life something to represent the ethos of Agents2go, with real estate done different and we cannot wait to look back in ten years time and mark this point, as the point, where real estate was fundamentally changed forever!

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