Jennifer Ryan , 09 Sep 2014

It seems bad experiences with real estate agents are all too common, whether buying or selling. Many agents do not return phone calls, and do not listen to the client, even when one is keen to buy. Some will not show advertised homes to buyers until months later and some are even downright rude and offensive.  After a series of disappointing experiences with local real estate, I was becoming desperate to find a home. I was thrilled to meet Bonnie and Andii; finally someone LISTENED to our needs, returned calls and followed up and ACTIVELY sought the place we needed. Many thanks to Bonnie and Andii, who worked hard to find, and help us secure our dream home. Everything was taken care of and set to flow smoothly; Bonnie and Andii provided outstanding support and communication every step of the way. Even going above and beyond, long after the contract was signed, to ensure we were comfortably settled in our new home. It is rare to see such OUTSTANDING care and commitment to clients, and a professional job well done. I am exceptionally grateful that my two sons and I are now living our dreams in our beautiful home. Many thanks to Bonnie and Andii, the ones who go the extra mile!